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We offer a full survey service from our flooring experts at just 50. This preferential rate will be refunded, if you choose to use our highly-skilled recommended fitters.

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Any readings must be reported back to the fitter as they form part of your terms of business with them. Once confirmed and the right conditions have been established.

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Wood flooring installations are a straightforward process, as long as recommendations are adhered to. This is why we suggest wood flooring fitters that have years of experience.

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Rita Jefferson lost 10 pounds and 1 size

Joanna is unlike most nutritionists. She allows you to use foods that work with your lifestyle to address your concerns. I felt that I had a choice in what I ate and how I ate it rather than being on a strict diet. 图片管理--banner列表

Rita Jefferson lost 10 pounds and 1 size

Jina Green lost 30 pounds and 3 sizes

I originally contacted Joanna because I was having trouble getting my eating habits under control, and was finally ready to admit that I couldn't do it on my own. After our initial consultation, I was convinced that if anyone could help, it was Joanna.

Jina Green lost 30 pounds and 3 sizes

Lola Jordon lost 20 pounds and 2 sizes

Working with Joanna has allowed me to tune into how I eat, why I eat, and how it makes me feel. I'm more aware of times when I eat not because I'm hungry but because something else is bothering me. Not focusing on food has improved my relationships with others.

Lola Jordon lost 20 pounds and 2 sizes

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