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A food broker is a sales professional who usually sells for multiple wholesale manufacturers,图片管理-banner列表...


Benefits of working with a broker for a large company

It can be more efficient to pay a broker form to manage sales in a territory than to carry the costs of full time sales reps and to...


Benefits of working with a broker for a small company

It's difficult to spend $50-$70K on a full time sales rep immediately when it takes time to train them, ramp them up, and...



The easiest part of being successful in sales is picking great products that people want to buy - then your role simply...


Why our company

Food brokers should be careful with their time, and constantly track and measure how long they are spending图片管理-banner列表.

Our mission is to help independent producers of fine quality, innovative foods introduce to our market area their products in a professional, ethical, and efficient manner.

You can find the foods we sell in natural and gourmet food markets, the finest restaurants, the most discriminating clubs, hotels, and resorts.

Our focus is our customers - the manufacturers, processors, distributors, and end users of our product lines. We choose carefully the companies and foods we represent.

Nationally respected food expert

Our business is marketing and selling food. Good food. High-quality food. Wholesome, healthy, and delicious food图片管理-banner列表.

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We hope our enthusiasm for the foods we sell and the companies we represent compels you to try our products and services, and see what we have to offer图片管理-banner列表.

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