Nehe Prison officials deny jailhouse sex allegations

  • 2015-01-26

Officers at a prison in Northeast China have denied that one of their prisoners had sex with a policemans wife while serving a sentence, according to media reports. Nehe Prison in Nehe, Heilongjiang province, did not submit video records to a team dispat


A Letter to All of Fuentelight’s Customers

  • 2015-01-27

Hey there, my name is "Your Name" and I am a photographer and web developer! This is my brand new portfolio. Its super cool because its completely responsive! That means you can re-size it to whatever size you like and it always looks great. Have a look a


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Estimados clientes de FuenteLight: Antes que nada, gracias por todo el apoyo y lealtad estos últimos años de crecimiento. Como siempre, les garantizamos productos de la mejor calidad, desde tabletas, computadora, reloj, proyector,etc, todo al mejor precio

A Letter to All of Fuentelight’s Customers

First of all, thank you for supporting fuentelight for the last few years. We will as always provide to all our customers the latest tec. products with the highest quality. With the the best price and highest quality. To provide the best service for y